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Trouble in CornValley???


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How can this be? The team that does more with less is financially in trouble!?!?! OSU football brought in more revenue than UO last year due to having every single football game televised. They brought in 1.5mil and ended 150k in the red, versus 1mil and a net profit of 200k for UO. On top of that they had to take 2.5mil from the schools general fund. So isn't that doing less with more?


Guess spending 60k to host the CBI tourney was more than a bad idea. But maybe those CBI Champs tshirts will help.


DuhCarolis says only football, mens & womens bball, and volleyball are the only sports that won't face cuts. That means baseball could end up on the chopping block! And if this actually happens, OSU won't qualify for Div 1 any longer. They will be forced down to DII.


Whats wrong with you Beaver fans, send in your money like DuhCarolis tells you to!!!




Its spring football time!! Needed to get some banter going (threaten)

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Looks like i was wrong about dropping to DII


In a letter to donors, OSU's athletic director says 13 of the school's sports teams could be scaled back or cut. He says the claim is not a scare tatic to raise money, and that all sports -- including baseball -- that are not required by the NCAA to maintain the school's division one standing or membership in the pac-10 are on the table.



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No, a lot of schools are doing things like furloughs, cutting days down but i have not run across a school with such a dire outlook directly from the AD.


DuhCarolis said his reality-check report wasn't meant as a scare tactic.


So DuhCarolis wasn't telling the truth?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!? He was actually trying to scare people into creating revenue!?!?!?!? You mean he lied!?!?!?!?!? FOR SHAME!!!!!! How could he sink that low?


Funny how things come full circle.


If Beaver fans went to all the games and sold out the stadium every game this wouldn't be a problem would it?

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