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Does anyone ever use the chat room?

Ocean In a Box

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I have usually found people in there just after 9:00 PM. You must have gone in there on an "off" night Perry.:D


Why don't we all try for 8 PM to 10 PM as our Reef Chat time, and see how it goes?

Of course any other time would work, but we needs to agree on a time!


Some people tend to go into the chatroom evenings at chat until they have to go to bed.


Maybe have a morning chat too! Before work 6AM to 8AM?

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There needs to be a way to telll people that chat is being used by people with out having to actually go into chat. A number next to the chat button on the top tool bar would be cool.

That sounds good to me too Mike!

Our Webmaster, Rob Allen will be at the Oregon Coast Aquarium tours and BBQ tomorrow. You can always talk to him yourself there. Then again, you can always send him a pm.:D

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I liked Monday night chats. Those were fun. Also' date=' perhaps we could pick a monthly or weekly topic and post it in the meetings section. Email notification of the "event" could make it more active too.[/quote']


Great idea Joel. I really liked Monday Night Chats too.


I just sent out Evites for it. No need to reply to the Evite, just show up.

I tried to turn off the reply feature, but it showed up on the Evites anyway. No big deal.(laugh)

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