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Selling off all my live stock, rock, hardware, and tank


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well, do to the landlord not like the humidity in the house with only ceiling heat, i am forced to sell everything off.

here is what i have for sale.


-frogspawn about the size of a large grapfruit. $35 sold

-mushroom rock with huge green mushrooms. $20 sold

-mushroom rock with green mushrooms. $15

-mushroom rock with at least 7 red mushrooms, sponge, and green star polyps -at the base. $35 (realy cool looking peice)sold

-green hairy mushrooms about 4 or so. $15 sold

-green bubble coral the size of a grapefruit on a small flat rock, it is also splitting off with another small one growing next to it. $40sold


all the rock is sold.


-ok, here is the livestock i have for sale.

-a pair of mated percula clown fish (large) $90

-a red spotted blenny (large) $35 i have sat and watch this guy for hours sold

-six line wrasse $20

-large cleaner shrimp $15sold

-2 larege cromies $8sold

-various snails and crabs.


for hardware that i will be selling after the livestock and live rock is sold.

-for lighting i have a PFO lighting inc. model A02-250mh-120v 250 watt metal halide lights, 2 bulb sockets, 2 reflectors, and 2 3 month old 15,000k xm bulbs. $200i have a buyer after all the live stock is sold.

-gen-x water pump pcx-30, Maximum flow rate is 875 gph. Maximum pump head height is 14 ft. it is only 8 months old. $90

-coralife protein super skimmer 125 gallon only 8 months old. $90 i have a buyer after the live stock is sold.


the tank i have for sale after the livestock and liverock is gone.

55 gallon truvu tank with black wood stand and black wood canopy. it has a 30 gallon truvu sump that is all ready to go and setup to put a refurgium in it.

also comes with all the plumbing. it also will have crushed coral with it if you want it, that way you dont have to wait for your tank to cycle. $325


if your interested send me a pm or call / text Jon at 503-830-9986 if you have any questions or would like to come take a look.

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they didnt in my tank, but they did in the guys tank that i bought them from. i only had them for probably to 8 months. i have sold all the fish except these and my six line wrasse. if you buy the clown in the next couple days, you can have them for 70.

if someone wants the sixline in the next couple days, they can have him for 15. heres a pic of the clowns before i sold everything.


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