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Water jugs


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If you already have jugs, you can fill them at many grocery stores (Winco, Fred Meyer, Haagen, many others) on a $/gallon basis. IME Winco is cheapest at $0.30 per gallon.


Also, a lot of the LFS have purified fresh water, or pre-mixed salt water for sale.


If you don't have jugs and don't want to have them long term, you can get purified water at Home Depot for about $11 per 5 gallon jug, then return the jug for a $5 deposit, so about $6 for five gallons net. At least that was the price a year or so ago. The full jugs are typically up near the cash register.





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ok....just an FYI, I was getting my water from Fred Meyers until I found astronomical amonia levels in it. IMO and E, test before you mix if you pick it up from an R\O machine. Otherwise, you could try Seahorse or something like that. Wont be as cheap though.

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