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New to non-fish only tank...


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I had a nano fish only tank about a 1.5yr ago, and now my wife is in the beginning of her nano reef tank...


I need some help understanding the differences between SPS, LPS, softies and anything else that may be out there...can anybody give me an understandable breakdown of the differences and care??(scratch)



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SPS-Small Polyp Stony..need high flow and light (MH or T5). also need excellent water quality and need to maintain high Ca and alk. uses ca to build skeletons.

LPS-Large Polyp Stony..need medium flow and medium-high light (MH, T5 or VHO). also need high Ca and alk. uses ca to build skeletons. some give good movement in the tank

Softies-have no skeleton's so dont need to supplement ca or alk..some provide good movement in the tank. can tolderate low-high light and flow..shrooms and polyps like lower flow and light


just a general summary :)

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well it does help to learn the names of each coral to help identify it but you should also research every coral that you want to get..but im sure you already knew that..you can def tell what a SPS is because there all hard with no soft parts that are really visible..and you can tell a LPS from a SPS because the LPS has a soft part on top and the skeleton underneath..softies are all soft so you can tell by looking at them..


here's a SPS:






soft tentacles on top and hard skeleton underneath





those are just some examples of each type..

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