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Zoas for sale. Tearing down tank, more to come!


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*EDITED* I need to sell off some zoas as I will be downsizing. They're all listed below! This is updated as to what's left for sale at this point. I'd be ecstatic if someone in Portland or Seattle would take it all for $120 shipped! But you really do have to have an address in Portland or Seattle, as it would be ground, shipping, which is overnight to those areas from here.


$20 30+ polyps



$15 25+ polyps



$25 has 120+ polyps



$15 has 80+ polyps



$25 has 150+ polyps


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Everything in the original post has been updated with prices and availability.


Let me know!


I also have a single, very large (6") green hair mushroom I'd like $10 for. So if you wanted everything left, I'd do $125 shipped to the main Portland or Seattle areas.

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