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what to use in my media reactor?


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I tried mixing the GFO and carbon. It does not work well. They separate based on density and the GFO is all on the bottom, and the carbon on the top. If I keep the flow low enough for the carbon, the GFO does not move, if I increase the flow for the GFO, the carbon is a solid mass at the top of the reactor.


Run either GFO or carbon, but not both at the same time. When it is time to change the media, I will probably alternate. Or run carbon for a week, then GFO for a while. Then back to carbon for a week, then GFO... Then again I have two reactors for two tanks. Maybe I will run both reactors on a tank for a week, one with GFO, the other with carbon, then switch them both to the other tank for a week... Who knows, maybe I'll just need to break down and get another reactor for carbon that I switch between the two tanks.



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Another reason not to mix them is carbon should be replaced every couple weeks and ferric oxide can be used for a few months before replacing.


It should be easy enough to remove the carbon from my reactor... It is all at the top. I just need to open the top and pull the tube up so the carbon falls out, then replace the little tube back down. In practice I don't think it will be quite that easy, but we will see.



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