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Tubinaria Pieces for trade


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I recently did some underwater pruning on my Cup Coral. The pieces are 1.5"x2", they are not glued to anything yet(can be). This is a pretty easy fast growing coral that doesnt need Intense light. I can cut the pieces smaller if needed

PM if Intrested



Also the Hydno at the bottom right is avaiable for free or trade, great for someone starting a large tank;)

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Is that color pretty accurate - more yellow than green? What lighting is it under currently? Great looking coral and tank!!


Thanks - Sean

Pretty close its very yellow, it doesnt have that much red tint as in the picture though. its under 400w and 175w MH and VHO's but the frags are actually healing faster in my frag tank under 24w t-5's and one 250w MH


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