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Mushroom anyone?


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Up for grab is large rock with between 12-14 Flourescent Green Mushroom Corals are also referred to as Mushroom Anemones and Disc Anemones. If you have the space and right condition in your tank, this will be great for it. These mushroom expand between 1-3 inches across. Rock is about the 6 inches across.


Anyhow, these mushroom is overgrowing in my tank. How about $40? SOLD


Possible trade for some coral, possibly fish (neon goby) and cleaner shrimp.



This variety of mushroom coral is various shades of green. They are a wonderful invertebrate for bottom placement in a reef aquarium. Over time, they will reproduce, forming a carpet covering the rockwork and sand. They are hardy and easy to maintain. In general, they need a medium light level, and should be placed lower in the tank if the light intensity is high. These mushrooms require a low to moderate indirect water flow. Too much water movement will inhibit these mushrooms to fully expand. They are semi-aggressive and require adequate space between themselves and other corals and sessile invertebrates.



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It was a pleasure meeting you and yet another great board member.


Both Mushrooms and Zoo's opened up right away and now appear to be happy with there new home.


Thanks again for the extra Zoos the wife cant stop talking about how she loves them. (rock2)




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You are very welcome.


It was a pleasure to meet another very nice member, his wife and share story. Let me know if you posted any of your tank pics. Would love to see it. Best wishes.


Keep the peace and hope alive (rock2)

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