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OK I am just venting about Live Sand I bought

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I am so mad I bought a bag of Live Sand to add to my tank because I moved to a bigger one and wanted a little deeper bed.

I added it to the tank and it is so many big pieces that look like broken shells. I am worried about my Goby who is a sand sifter..I saw a couple diff types that were larger peices but this one said it was sand and looking through the bag looked fine..

I hate it in there and am not sure what to do about it now ..


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Hmm i would scoop out sections and replace with the sized sand particles you want. I would only do sections at a time though, like 6ths or something ever couple weeks. You don't want to disturb it too badly.


Of course you might grow to like the new look. Maybe give it a chance? How about some pics?

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