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Remora pro w/ mag 3


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  • 2 weeks later...

If you remember I also called you and requested pictures and never receved them..I waited all day for those pics, because I did not want to drive over an hour to buy something I had not seen. Also you should tell people up front that the unit is broken/cracked or what ever you said was wrong with it.

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I dont want to speak too much for coralreefaquarist, but he called you several times and sent pm messages, trying to get in touch with you that day, but you never answered. We drove all the way up to Portland and spent the day there, and didn't want to hang out in Corvallis all night waiting for a phone call.

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welcome to pnwmas....there is definitely some confusion and problems. people do care about others here. of course, if you joined in 2006 and have no posts, you wouldn't know anyone or what they are about. you should try learning from the people here, and maybe attending a meeting or two. this is a great club.

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I was a member back when it was on the reef tank, my member name was Renzema and I had built tanks and stand for quite a few of the members and was very active in the meetings but I watched a lot of people who were trying to help the club being treated very badly and decided that it was best to no longer deal with pnwmas.


I am not sure what happened with coral but him putting up it was sold, long before it was caused a lot of problems since he decided to not pick it up and yes the night you went to portland I was here all night and waited tell about 10. He contacted me when you were in portland saying he would call me that night to come by then nothing, I called and recieved no answer, so I contacted fish about the skimmer. He then contacted me later saying he still wanted but then once again fell off the face of the earth.


To fish I sent you a pm and you will understand once you read it. I am not going to publicly put that up here.


Here are the pics he requested. I sent him a PM because he mistook something I said and believe it to be damaged, which is not the case it is in perfect order. As you can see in the pics I replaced the intake tube long ago because it had started to break down from the uv light, it is schedual 80 to be sure that there will be no problems. That is what I ment by "reseal" I guess he took it as a damaged area when in reality it is just not stock.



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