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Newb in the 'Couve !


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Greeting all (rock2)


Just got started in SW about 2 months ago...started my first tank in mid January after TONS of research....seems a never ending story! Have always had fish...FW and KOI pond in back yard, so not to new to aquatic life. I currently have a 55 and 20 gallon FW running.


I started with a 90 gallon SW off Craigs list and have just got it to the point of " no surprises" I hope (nutty) it went to easy I think...fast / minimal cycle and little algae....(clap) I also bought a 125 gallon set up which I am re-vamping as we speak....I have about 90% of the equipment and will be starting setup soon.


Current 90 setup


Currently on Tap water ( live in the sticks and it tests VERY GOOD 765 foot well water PO4 = 0% )


Standard 90 gallon glass

Nova Extreme Pro 6x54 T5 with seperate lunar lights

Over back return

30 gallon sump wet/dry no bio-balls

100 lbs LR / 70 lbs LS

Mag 350 canister

Coralife 125 super skimmer

30 gallon acrylic fuge (Gravity fed from return and gravity out to sump)

Phosphate reactor




FoxFace ( Foxy )

Bicolor Blenny ( Rocky )

Bicolor Pseuocchromis ( Noodle )

3 Chromis Damsels ( Pirhana's )

Diamond Goby ( Dyson )

Dwarf Coral Angel ( Angel...of course ! )


2 Medium Blue leg Hermits and about 10 smaller hermits, 5 small snails




Feather Duster ( medium -large )

Green Star Polyps

Green Frog Spawn ( I hope gonna make it )



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Good point! Hockinson area ...we gots TREES....well a few left !


Not really the couve then;) Have lived here for over 35 yrs and have watched this town grow. It is sad what has happened over the years. I remember when going to Hockinson was a tripDOH!


And I have afew trees in my back yard but just out of city limits:D

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Nice tank! I like the aquascaping. I'm new to the forum as well. It's nice having a local forum with representatives from local fish stores.


I also live in the Sifton/East Orchards area. Born and raised in the couv. It has definitely grown over the years, but what town hasn't.


Have you tested heavy metals in your well water? My buddy tried using it for awhile but his corals didn't respond very favorably to it. He lived in Ridgefield though. He ended up having to go back to using RO/DI.

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Now that you mention it Wobble.....I got a frogspawn and a feather duster w/ some star polyps attached to it a week ago and the FS is dying ...hasn't opened yet and this morning is looking worse :( just kind of withering away. The feather duster and polyps are doing great ....so a mystery to me.


I know my water tests very good, LFS tested tap water for Phosphates last week and it came back not even a trace....but never tested for heavy metals ? I know that when testing for my hot tub, it is high in alkalinity ?? but I thought high hardness was a good thing for corals? I live ontop of Larch mountain and my well is 760 feet deep so its down there a few feet!


Headed to the LFS today and see what he thinks....I have no more options and hate seeing it just fade away. I thought it would have opened even if to eat, but hasn't happened :(

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I strongly suggest you use RO/DI water. Whether it's buying your own filter or buying water from a LFS. If you really want to use well water, you should send a sample to a lab for analysis. Copper, even in small amounts can be deadly to coral, inverts, etc.


Elevated alkaline levels can be achieved by the salt mix. If you need further buffering, there are products available out there. I just use baking soda occasionally though. It's cheap and works well.


I'd be willing to babysit your frogspawn if you'd like if it's not too far gone. Unless someone else in the area with more experience with corals is willing to. I'd hate for it to die on ya.

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Thanks for the offer Wob !! I have a RO/DI unit that is getting re-plumbed and should have it back today i hope, and am planning on the first water change using the water from it. As far as the FS goes, I'm gonna talk with the LFS today and have some more testing done on the water.... I have had a few replies from another reef forum that implied that as long as the color is there and no black spots or " melting " of the head.....it can still recover? and by moving it would set it back more,most likely causing its death. Is gonna sit and gather good karma from the wife and I !

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