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Looking to buy/trade for 55 gallon acrylic or glass tank

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I got pretty much the shaft on the tank I just bought and am coming to realize that it will take about a year to get all the scratches out of this one. If anyone has a 55 glass or acrylic with built in overflow that is in GOOD shape and would like to get rid of it: please shoot me over a pm, I am interested.



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It most definitely is acrylic and I am using a buffing kit starting tomorrow, but from the people I have spoken to, it has been stated that I am better off using this as a sump and looking for a new tank. I don't expect to find one for cheap but I thought I would put the feelers out there. I can live with a badly scratched tank, just not at all preferable.

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jeez CA20R' date=' I post a lot and only have 33 posts since I joined last month. How in the world do you have over 1900 and you have only been around a month more than me? That is wild, is that true?[/quote']


yes it is true. my work, which is where I do my posting, has me in front of a computer all day. What makes it worse is my side job, fixing computers, does the same. Long story short I have about 8 hours a day to post, read, and now do research.

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