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Frag tank height ???


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I am in the process of building two propagation/grow out tanks. Each will be 3/8" cast acrylic measuring 24''x24''..One tank will be lit by 6-24'' T-5's and the other by 1 250 watt metal halide.


The question i have to pose is what height do you think would be best for each application? As of now the acrylic is cut for 12'' but this looks awfull tall to me.

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12 is a good number. If you go 8 you are looking at only about 6 to 7 inchs of water in there (thinking this is rimless) It may look funny but 12 is a good number. Also remember with 12 inchs of tank and only 10 to 11 of water that 250 is going to heat the water real quick.

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