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Phosban Reactor - $15.00 (or possible trade)


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DOH!I'm sorry CCR, I thought yours was just a "what is it" type of thread. I didn't know you had something else going with him also. If you do en-fact want it I won't cut in line. PM him if you want and work it out and I'll let Frank know I'll still get him what I was gonna trade him somehow. Really am sorry, I didn't mean to jump over you like that ;)

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CCR - When you sign on the site... new pm's come up first. (My wife was on computer and checking for updates for me. Apparently she didn't even see your note. She is not familair with the site). Snowpunk sent me a PM and we responded back and forth....


No slight was intended to you. Sorry for any misunderstanding. If you and Snowpunk can come to an understanding on who wants it....I don't mind either way.

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