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R-3 is awsome!!!!


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I picked up my Biocube at Ryan house last weekend and some how (lack of sleep) I shorted 20 bucks. Ryan was easy enought to let me pay him next time we see each other again. I had a good short chit chat with him early in the morning, it was nice seeing R-3 in person.... (with all his knowledges I thought he was older, but here is really young, I believed he is younger then I am).


Thanks a lot for the tank deal and thank you for showing me around your place. NOW YOU CAN GET BACK AND FINISH UP "MINE" STAND (naughty)

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Thanks Benny for taking the tank! I dont know about the whole knowledge thing :)


I got the piece for the door last night. I will will rip and route it today. What I need to know is what color of hinge and door knob do you want? Chrome, brass, bronze, black???

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