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Various Equipment

Russ Byers

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Have lots of different items for sale.


Approximately 70lbs of Liverock. $150

Most of it is good sized pieces and makes good baserock.


150g glass tank with 1/2 inch glass. $250

Dimensions are 4ft x 2ft x 30 inches high. Comes with a white stand. You really need to have the floor reinforced for this beast. And need two people to carry it.


80g glass hexagon tank. $200

38 inches high. Comes with stand. Has glass tops. Very rare tank for this size, holding as much water as it does for taking up so little floor space.


20in Sunpod 150w MH with lunar lights. $30 (Sold)

Probably needs a new bulb. Works great as is though.


2- Hydor Koralia 4 pumps. $20 for both. (Sold)

These are about a year old.


4ft Compact flourescent light fixture. $20

Has two bulbs. 96watts total I think. The fan on one end is a bit squeeky. I really liked the light this fixture has. (SOLD)


Overflow system $70

Comes with 700gph pump, 10 inch overflow box with U-Tube, 20G Wet/Dry filter with bioballs, return hose with nozzle connected to the end.




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Missed it by a few minutes myself..........good score!


Ryan,like u need another one...lol


Everybody is like me me me!


One way to settle it ! Highest bidder......ill start out .....my offer $100 for the light and koralias. ;-).....lol. Just kidding! Or was I ....muhwawawa.....

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