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Sea snake question


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Yeah, I was watching an Animal Planet thing on the 10 deadliest snakes - I think 4 or 5 of them were sea snakes. Most of the rest were in Australia (one is in California - Mojave Green rattlesnake).


That being said, you can find Blue Ring Octopi in the trade - and I once had one (briefly (sad)). And Blue Ring are one of the most poisonous animals on the planet. If bitten, you probably won't make it to the front door, let alone the hospital.


P.S. I don't think Blue Rings should be legal to own.

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The Blue Ring? Yeah, they are (apparently) legal to import. I had one in my first incarnation of salt water tanks years ago - like 15 years. I had kept octopi before - and they are very cool. I knew a distributor in L.A. and he hooked me up with a Blue Ring.


First, Blue Rings are very poor shippers. I think he ordered 5 or 6 and only 1 survived. Second, they have very short life spans - I think around 6 months.


They are actually quite small. Octopi in general can fit through very small holes and are famous for exploring their containers - finding a hole - climbing out - and then dying once out of the water. Though some will actually climb out - do something (like eat fish in a neighboring tank) and climb back into their own aquarium. They really are smart and fascinating creatures.


But, combine being able to fit through almost any sized hole with the ability to bite you and kill you within a minute... well, not a good combination.


They really are stunning, though. First, just the "cool" factor of having such a rare and dangerous creature is appealing. But add to that flashing, iridescent blue rings and the interest of watching such an intelligent creature. I definitely see the appeal. But octopi in general really are only for experts with specific set-ups.


And owning a Blue Ring really is just an invitation for someone to die - guest, child!


Oh, and mine didn't make it. I tried to keep it alive, but I think it just never recovered from the initial travel. It never started eating and just wasted away. Very sad.

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yeah i read that they have short life spans..but wow only 6 months.crazy!


yeah you need to get a escape proof canopy or lid but even then, its not fool proof


yeah they are very smart and can open bottles and unscrew lids. there like one of the smartest animals along with dolphins, apes, and us :)


yeah the awesome factor of having such a rare and dangerous animal would be great! :) i wouldn't get one because i dont have the skills,money, and time too. but it would be pretty sweet!


oh that sucks..i wonder how yours would of done if it didnt have to be shipped

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short and simple answer, NO. Garden eels are snake like, but they would need to be in a species specific tank with a minimum of 14in sand bed, i think it might even be closer to 24in. To my knowledge there is only one truly reef safe eel, and I believe it is a golden dwarf moray eel, but I would have a hard time trusting it around shrimp.....

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As a rule of thumb snakes venom is toxic based on the availability of prey, and the ease at which that prey can escape. If you ever been to the desert you know that animals can be scarce. If you think about the 3 dimensional world of the ocean you can see that it would be VERY easy to escape. This is why the snake with the most potent venoms come from these areas.

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