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Thanking quite a few,


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Well I guess I start with just a list of people and their due appreciation


Jmanrow: thank you for the snake polyps and coraline education. The snakes look pretty unique in my layout. Can't wait to see them open.


Lowman: those neon pink Zoa's are awesome, thank you very much


Markdadof2: Thank you for the GSP, Xenia, and Green slimer. Very nice additions, can't wait for slimer to grow some more.


Mjbecker: with out that trade for the tank non of this would have happened.


Snowpunk: Geez, where do I start? Thank you for the Birdsnest frags, very sweet pieces. Thank you also for your time in assisting me with all of this. You have been a great help. Too bad about one of the ricordia's but the other one looks great. Still got that milli for you. Hope the manderin is happy in your system.


Waves: Thank you both Jordan and Joel. Jordan your advice has been priceless, thanks for the trade on the LED's. Joel, your advice has been quite helpfull as well. Thank you also for the trade on the additional LED's and food for my Lawnmower, you have no idea how happy you made him.


Seahorse: Issac you are the man, highly recommended on my side for corals and info. Thanks for the acrylic frag for mounting my lights. Can't wait to do some business with you.


Rose City: Thank you Nick for the sand and live rock. My wife loves the coral you gave her. Loved doing business with you and look forward to more. The mimic tang is great. What kind of fish was that purple one?


Dsoz: You have been quite a help as well. Looking forward to getting some DIY rock. Thank you for the Xenia and such. That fuzzy mushroom is gaining alot of attention in my tank. Nice addition. Still only 1 polyp from the Tubs is alive.


Calvin: after recovering from the shock of seeing your massive tank, you hooked my up with a sweet frag of Dragon Eye Zoa's and a very nice pagoda. Thank you


Diefgart: I love that Duncan shrimp, I mean anemone shrimp...lol. He doesn't get close to the anemone but loves him some Duncan's.


Petco: I want to thank you, without all of your inaccurate advice I would have never found these guys.

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I think that the rock may be ready. I have had palys, xenia, mushrooms, and three fish living with it for almost a week.


If you are willing to wait a few more days, I am going to try putting a piece of it in my sump to see how it affects my tank first though.



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