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20H Skimmerless Nano System


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We're tearing down my son's nano (too much humidity in his bedroom, mold growing on windows).


It's a glass 20H (24 x 12 x 16)

Custom bookcase-style stand (black and white)

Custom hood with 1x 175W SE MH

Hamilton 175W Magnetic ballast

Hamilton 10K bulb that's older than I am but still works just fine

Via Stealth Heater

Fluval 205 Canister Filter (works fine, MUST be cleaned out monthly)

Maxi-jet 600


It's a fine little skimmerless system. I'm planning on keeping the livestock and (at least some of the) rock. The acans, trachyphyllia, devil's hand, chalice, etc. in there are growing great so a canister-based nano is definitely doable -- though it does require religion when it comes to regular maintenance and water changes.


I know we've seen a lot of systems roll through here lately, so before I post up a bunch of pictures and angst over an asking price I thought I'd check in and see if there is any interest at all.


So, anyone interested enough to want to see/hear more?

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Cmon Andy dont blame the humidity(whistle) My son did not want his tank either(laugh) Kids go through sperts and hey we have to live with them.


On a side note if your taking it down where is the pistol shrimp going? If it is still in there.

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Yeah, there's more to it than just the humidity... the damned cats keep chewing the ATO line, the boy isn't interested in doing any maintenance, and my bunions hurt. Hey you kids, get off my lawn!


The shrimp and goby are going into the 55gal, where they can spread aragonite over everything in the bottom 1/2 of the tank.


I'll dig up some pics, Darrell :)

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I'd be interested, but it all depends on price my man. Times are tight, we're saving for a house.


Don't suppose you'd wanna trade it for xenia and GSP :lol:


To be honest, I couldn't afford the fair price for it, but if the price was a steal a few of us might jump on it. Just being honest.

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