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lighting for a 29 g eclipes tank


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I have a set up a small reef in my 29 g eclipes tank. I took out the stock floresent and replaced it with a compact fl. 50 /50 bulb 10,000/ antenic.


the light is much better thatn original but to me it is still two white. Before i put in any more money on partial fixes i thought i would ask the question. What is the best route to go with this. vho ?

The tank is 2 ft long and i am using the the stock hood and built in filtration system. i have lots of live rock and various corals, The coarals seam to do well but the colors are washed out. hammerhead doesnt look green but the brain coral has great color. rocks are loaded with coraline but it doesnt pop out at you.



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I'd look into T5 retrofit kits. I know you can get 24" kits, and they are pretty easy to set up. You will probably be able to fit at least 4 bulbs on that tank, and can then play with combinations of different bulb colors. If you have questions, Sam@SLS can help you figure out dimensions, space you'll need, etc. See the Sunlight Supply forum in the sponsor area.



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so can someone fill me in on my ignorance.

compact florecent verses the t5's

the compacts seam bright enough but the colors just dont pop out at you. even with the 1/2 atenic and 10,000 it just seams to white . The florescent greens in the corals seam dull. As far as growth in the tank everything looks good but i want the briliance. Will the t5,s give this too me ??

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