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How about a class on aquarium photography? I won't mention any names but we do have a few very experinced photographers in the club :) I would teach it but I can't figure out my point and click. My wife has a nice Digital Rebel XT with new lense on the way (28 - 75mm f2.8) and we were both talking how nice it would be to have someone that knows thier stuff give a talk on this.



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This could possibly be an excellent topic/workshop it the February Meeting! We are hoping to have it in the Salem area next month.


In addition to our digital projector and screen, we also now have a small portable PA System. We really needed to get this, as it was very difficult for everyone to hear Andy's excellent presentation on digital photography awhile back.

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John, does this mean you will entertain us with some Karaoke. Maybe Kris will join in also!

This could be really interesting. :o


The karaoke machine will have to do for now as our hi-tech PA System. I'm looking forward to something like the Chattervox Portable PA http://www.chattervox.com/ (anyone know where we can get a good deal on one? :D)


I was impressed with the one Dr. Tim Miller-Morgan was using at HMSC last April.

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