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Sale Cont.. What Left - Please Help!


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I would like to get rid of all of this stuff tonight so that they all have the best chance at survival and thriving. Please call me at 915-2423 if you are coming over.


19 - Turbo Snails & Turban Snails (mixed) - $1 each SOLD

20 - Scarlet Reef Hermits - $10 SOLD

2 - Blue/Green Reef Chromis - $5 each SOLD

6 - Bright Colored Zooanthid - $8 each SOLD

9 - Pajama Cardinal - $5 each SOLD

4 - Green Star Polyp (2 are large colonies) - $8 each SOLD

1 - Orange Cap Montipora Frags - $5 SOLD

2 - Mushroom Frags - $5 for both (about 4 mushroom heads) SOLD

2 - Fighting Conch - $4 each SOLD

1 - Encrusting Montipora - $5 SOLD

100 - Scarlet Reef Hermits and Blue Leg Reef Hermits (mixed) - $20 SOLD

1 - Starlight Gobi - $5 SOLD

1 - Emerald Crab - $1 SOLD

2 - Rock Urchins - $2 each SOLD

1 - Purple Chromis - $8 SOLD

2 - Diamond Watchman Gobies (Mated) - $15 for pair SOLD

1 - Coral Beauty Angel - $8 SOLD

1 - Mushroom Colony - $8 SOLD

1 - Horn Coral / Montipora - $8 SOLD

1 - Button Polyp - $5 SOLD


I need this all to go tonight! Please call and come over as soon as possible.


Douglas - 915-2423

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dont know if you have any fish left' date=' but you might want to put them back in the tank, mine aren't doing so hot in the bags. they have been in there for a long time and the oxygen is gone. so far have lost a few more for sure, and we will have to see about the rest.[/quote']


Unfortunately you were my last pickup of the day and those fish definitely needed to get to there new home.

The rest of the fish are in a smaller tank that has circulation and heat, so hopefully everything will be ok through the night.

I am hoping that some people will see this Post and be able to come and rescue them tomorrow.

I definitely don't want to see anything die, that is why I help this sale.


Please check out the list and if anyone can come over tomorrow and pick something up please let me know, 915-2423




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