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The Best of "Those Other Guys"


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I think there are a few folks around here with planted fw tanks, hopefully they'll chime in.


From what I've ready, the hardest part is maintaining the ideal nutrient levels... balancing iron, phosphorus, nitrogen, etc is tricky. They sure are pretty tanks though -- check out The Wet Spot (fish store, tyvm) just off Sandy in the Hollywood district for a few pretty planted tanks

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I have a planted 29 (which may soon become another reef (whistle)). It is not as much work, but I haven't worked as hard at the nutrients as some folks. It's not nearly on par with those in the contest. Either way, it is definitely a lot cheaper. Consider that most of the fish cost in the $1-5 range, and I think you'll see why. It's nice as a low maintenance tank because it is at my office, and I travel regularly, and I don't have to worry about it too much when I'm gone.

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