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Your input wanted - stocking 60g cube


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Hmmm well with no budget in mind i would stock it with a indian mimic tang, lineatus wrasse, picasso clownfish, and a school of helfrichi firefish. Why? because they are all gorgeous fish. With a budget I would still do the indian mimic tang, sixline wrasse, clown of your choice, and a school of chromis(i'm a big fan of them they do a great job of keeping everyone entertained, and they keep all my rockwork clean because they swim in and out of every little tiny nook and cranny, thus preventing any detritus from building up where there may not be enough flow to keep it suspended.) As far as corals, thats all subjective!!! Whatever you like most!! Its your tank. I also love my fire and cleaner shrimps and I would put at least 3 of each of these in there as well!!! I would also recommend spending the extra few dollars for the pretty blue and black hermits and the orange and black hermits, mine seem to last so much longer then the standard 1 dollar hermits that arn't very pretty. I've had a couple for well over a year!! PLus they look so much prettier:D. Clean up crew one emerald crab, 3 large nassarius, any snails but turbo snails because turbo snails are the devil! I would stay away from dwarf angels, as i'm yet to see one that doesn't nip at corals!! As far as why I would stock it this way.......well because those are the fish i like and most serve a purpose! Pretty much everything is subjective. My favorite coral you might think is ugly!! Basically i would put in there whatever you like the most that will peacefully coexist with the rest of your tank, keeping in mind the stinging radius of certain lps!!! Whatever you do don't settle for a fish just because it there and they don't have the one you want!! Beacuse for the most part once a fish goes in it stays in!!! Corals you can settle for some then replace them with cooler/more colorful corals as they become available!! Hope that helps!! Conclusion.....its your tank you get to decide!!! its the best part!!

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