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New Bulbs/New Pics


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Ok, so as many of you know I have been having problems with some ebay bulbs. I finally got them replaced, and now I just got in my Phoenix 14k Bulbs. I know many of the Eugene guys wanted to know what they looked like, and Joel, its time to put the Galaxy ballast to use. The first pic is a before pic, with the ebay bulbs, and the rest are after. I apologize, most of my SPS is not looking so good, had pH problems, so they bleached out. I didn't take pics of them, but will update soon.





New: So bright and beautiful. Galaxy ballasts are great, and Phoenix bulbs pair nicely.



Nuke Green and Purple Deaths (thanks Miles)



AOG (thanks Susanne)



Blue Tubs and PPE (thanks Kevin)








Acan (frag party)



Green Slimer (thanks Josh)


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The individual shots look great' date=' but IMO the FTS of the old looks much better.[/quote']


Jeff, I didn't notice how washed out the pic looked. I put a new one up. I think this one is a little dark, but it is closer. It is very bright, but this is close to the color. With the white balance it is hard to show how bright something is, and the color.

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just so you know i would reduce your photoperiod by a couple of hours or put mesh under the lights so you dont bleach out the corals more then they already are. Light shock is hard on them' date=' especially when replacing old halide bulbs with new ones[/quote']


good call. how much should i reduce photoperiod and for how long? week? two? i currently run 1 hour actinics, 8 hours MH, 2 hrs actinics

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