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WTB: dwarf seahorses


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I was at the Petco on Tualatin/Sherwood Hwy, and they had seahorses that they said were tank raised and eating frozen brine shrimp. Dont know if they were dwarfs or not, dont know alot about seahorses.



DO NOT BUY THESE SEAHORSES!!!! I went in there a few weeks ago they had some in then too. They were breathing heavily and were curled up in the corner. The manager told me they were eating frozen mysis and brine. When I asked him to feed them a little so I could see them eat he informed me NO they had already been fed that morning!!! (flame)I got enraged and tried to explain to him seahorses needed to be fed at leased 2-3 times per day due to their digestive system and he informed me I did not know what I was talking about and that seahorses do just fine being fed 1 time per day(flame)(flame)(flame) After arguing with him for several minutes I just finally told him he was a dumb as* and stormed out!!!!


Good Luck in your search for the dwarfs though......

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