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New tank in my future...


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So I am thinking about a 60 gallon cube may be in my future (not sure how far away at this point).

I am thinking a closed loop system for flow, and a refugium down below. I think a 250w MH would be good for a tank this size. What skimmer would you guys think would be best? What pump for flow would be best? Any suggestions on a refugium as well?

I hope to start buying components soon so any suggestions would be welcome

Thank you


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Im also looking into setting up a 60gal cube. I have a rps1000 on my 100 gallon system now and it works great. I will be transferring it to the new system. Im a big fan of the recirc skimmers and am somewhat biased, (so there are more options), but thats what I would suggest.

Lighting is a whole separate thread...everyone has their own opinions. Personally, I think a 250 hqi would be perfect if you have the right fixture/reflector.

For a pump, depends on the gph you are looking for. Is this the closed loop pump or return? In sump or external?

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