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Looking for softy frags last deal fell through


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Well CoralreefAquarist offered free frags but he got a plague of zoa eating Nudis :(

I already have 2 shrooms,a 3 inch diameter pink one and a 4-5 inch red shroom they're both very happy. So if your traveling up to the Coos Bay area(encompasses a few small towns) I'd love to buy whatver softies you have in cash. I can pay say $50-$60 in person I have no preferences,I'll be happy if you breeze by 42S and sell em a frag :) I'd love to go to Eugen but my mom is stuck with 5 kids,my dad is working in Hawaii(no work here) for 6 weeks so no Eugen or Salem trips anytime soon. So if anyone is interested here's my phone number : 541-396-6265

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I'll be in Coos Bay on Sunday. We can meet up then. I will bring some softies' date=' only have riccordea, but that might help get you started. They are a really nice bright green riccordea.[/quote']


If I knew you were going to Coos Bay, I would have sent some extra softies with you for him. :(


If you come back through my area, I would buy/trade for some of those rics and a piece of the acan you were telling me about.



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