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revised, some new pics of the 24g and 24g


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The only difference between the two setups are the lights. The original 24 gallon has a 250w halide over it the new 24 gallon has a 70w halide over it

Both tanks are maintaned at 78-80 degs, 1.025 salinity, No detectable, phosphates, nitrates, nitrite.

I dont have any fish in either tank, and i dont run skimmers or any kind of carbon or phosphate remover.

I do a 10 gallon water change on each tank every 3 weeks, which is about a 45% water change. I do believe if i didnt do this i would have to be running skimmers


I do push a lot of water each tank has the return pump that came with it, both have majijet 1200's the original tank has a tunze nano and the other has korillia 2

Each tank i feed every 3 days, mostly for the acans a combination or brine shrimp, mysis, and cyclopeeze. A lot of the other corals get what isnt caught by the acans. I target feed them and what is blown away the other corals get


Hope that helps the equipment is pretty minimal, which gives me more time to stare at the tank :)


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Wow, that is a very simple tank but it is too pretty (I am talking about no sump, skimmer, filter, and other stuff). I wish I have a ocean view like yours. I know it's too much to ask but do you have any of the picture of you tank started, the beginning stage? I read your other tank's posts and seem like they are all already developed.

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