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I am looking for a complete setup


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Hello. I sold my setup a few months ago thinking I was done with this hobby. Well only a few months later and I want another set up....BAD. I am really looking for a 6 foot tank but if the price is right, I will consider any sizes from 40-210 gallons. The tank must be drilled for a sump. The stand needs to be in good condition with minimal wear. I would prefer a stand that is NOT homemade. I would like something that is currently not up and running. I am in grants pass but I have a friend in the Portland area that comes doen to Grants Pass often that would help me out on delivery. You can e-mail me at kenesterline@gmail.com. When e-mailing me please include a price you are looking for. Thanks,

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If your starting new, I have a brand new stand thats 5'W X 30T X 30D w/No tank . I also have Sump, MH 400watt lighting, VHO lighting, Skimmer, Cal Reactor, Phos reactor, Dart Pump, 1/4 hp Chiller, 2 X 3/4" Sea swirls, Heaters, and some other stuff that escapes me at the moment.



1200.00 OBO

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