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The trurth about copper and old tanks???


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(scratch)So what is th truth about copper and old tanks and equipment. I can see how it could leach out of something like live rock that is really porus and could trap some but what about things like a skimmer?

If you run a skimmer in a system with copper is there a potential to have copper leach into the skimmer and then leach back out into a new tank later???(scratch)

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I have a 60gal acrylic cube i used for treating my fish with copper. They were in the tank with copper (i used cupramine) for 6 weeks. I cleaned the tank with vinegar and let it soak in a mild bleach/water solution for a week or so. Rinsed and dried out, then in with the SPS for QT. 3 weeks now no losses and no signs of stress :D I even tossed in a couple hermits at first to make sure.


I also have used a 10gal glass tank to treat using copper. That tank has been used about 6-8 times since the copper was in it for QT of various corals from SPS to zoas to LPS to softies.


Never had a problem.


I do not however use the equipment that i used in the copper. Those are my copper only pumps and heater.


I researched this pretty thoroughly before using the copper in my acrylic cube and the general consensus i found that cell cast acrylic is not very porous and would not absorb the copper. Although James did not agree on my findings of it not being porous.

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I was using a 75g all glass tank that was previously a copper treated tank that I had cleaned very well as a refugium attached to my main system. I had no problems what so ever and as a matter of fact had thousands of invertibrates and corals in the system. I wouldn't recommend using any of the components and the tank was glass, so I cannot say the same about acrylic tanks but for me there was no problems.



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