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Freshly Harvested Care Packages (Live Goods)

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So much has happened since attending the Coral Farmers Market. The amount of support we recieved in 2024 was beyond any thought possible. 

We started off supporting locals in Oregon + Washington but now word spread and are now regularly supplying in CA, NY, and FL. 45 more to go. 

Copepods, phytoplankton, shrimp, worms, macroalgae, bacteria, element supplements, fish and coral. Freshwater, Brackish, Saltwater. Who knows what is going to come next. 

Literally no words for how we made it this far. It's thanks to your support that the research continues. 



Screenshot_20240608_200620_Gallery.jpgScreenshot_20240608_200448_Gallery.jpg20240608_183401.jpg20240607_173946.jpg20240526_192759.jpg20240602_161335.jpg20240521_183214.jpgScreenshot_20240608_204929_Gallery.jpg20240412_143153.jpg  (each dot is an individual pelagic copepod naupliar, the bright light startles them, daily separated to encourage adults over naupli)




*Currently taking new orders on all products*




Monthly Care Package 

-1/2 gallon phytoplankton blend

-16oz benthic copepod blend

-16oz rotating live item (includes test products and supplements)

definitely interested in feedback. That is the main thing. 

$50 shipping included (if pickup I will add a freebie)








Nemastoma sp. (S pacific variety)

- rare red, gelatinous algae. Not like common pink nemastoma found in the gulf of Mexico. 

- orange growth tip (key feature)

-fluorescent in actinic lighting 

*multiple frags available, unattached


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