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Fish and Corals FS

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In the process of downsizing.  Following fish and corals won't fit in the new tank.  Fish have been QT and I've had them going on 4 to 5 years.  

Blue Tang ~6" - $75

Scribbled Rabbitfish ~6" - $50

Niger Trigger with short streamers ~5" - $75

Pygmy Yellowtail Angel - $25

(2) Male Lyretail Anthias - $25 each.  probably shouldn't go to the same tank unless it's big.  One was a female for a few years but changed to a male in the last year.  


2 - $50 (~5")


3 - $50 (~10") sand dollar monti.  this is connecting three rocks together but i think most of it is on one rock.  


4 - $25 (~6")


7 - $50 rock is (~12" x 8") orange monti cap and miyagi tort?



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