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28 Nano Cube HQI


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Cut my filter basket down to 1 1/6" thickness, put it back to back with my 9002 Tunze Skimmer and slid it into the middle pocket behind my hood, with out cutting the hood. I would like to go as natural as possible. I was reading one of the threads on here said you could run a reef without a skimmer. So I don't know what I'm doing yet. Maybe I should get rid of the skimmer and build a bigger filter basket. I've got an Artic Chiller. I've got five 10" filters that I want to tap water through out of a bucket in a loop or keep recirculating till the water is clean, instead of buying an R.O. Haven't figured out what type of filter cartriges to use yet. Got a Saltwater mixing kit. Still trying to read up on all this stuff.:eek:

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I have the same tank as you Zephyr. If you decide to go skimmer less you will need to reply more on weekly 15%water changes.


When you mean the folter basket is back to back with the skimmer, do you mean one is behind the other or are they side by side in the middle comaprtment. I can't beleive they both fit in the middle compartment!


I just added a remora hang on skimmer which leaves me the middle chamber to run a refuge. I put my carbon and phosban in a filter bag and leave that in one of the inner side compartments.


What are the 10in filters you have? Carbon will only get it so clean. You need DI filters in conjunction with carbon (which are expensive )to get the water pure. You will also need a booster pump to recirculate the water. A RO unit may simply be cheaper.


For what it is worth, if you want to sell two of your 10in filters to raise funds for an RO unit I might buy them from you :D

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