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Ricordea splitting


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What is the best way to "encourage" ricordea splitting (besides a knife)? Feed them or don't feed them? When they are fat and well fed, will they feel the need to split or just be content to hang out alone?

I know patience is the best, but sometimes feeding can make a difference, ya know? ;)

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I don't think feeding helps them split. They seem to split when they are happy and all params are doing well.


If you want to get some babies, the best way is to take a razor blade, lift up the side of the ric, and slice a tiny piece off the foot. You don't have to remove it from the rock or anything, just cut it so its not a part of the main foot anymore. This little piece will turn in to a new polyp.


I did that to one of my yumas, here is a pic as its forming



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I have read posts on Nano-reef.com about people there doing this (http://www.nano-reef.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=111110&st=0&start=0). Their success is not that great. They seemed to get 5-6 small mushrooms from each large mushroom that they "blended". You can get just about the same success as if you cut them into pieces with a knife, then let them grow out. When you cut with a knife, the pieces start out bigger, so there is less waste.



Try it, it may be interesting


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Interesting...So you just cut a piece of the foot off? Not an actual chunk of body and tentacles. That is good to know.

My plan was to wait until my ricordea split before I tried cutting him. I'm a little a afraid to risk killing my only ricordea by mistake...


Yep, just a tiny piece of the foot is all you need.


Just wait, if it decides to start walking around, it will leave tiny little babies as its trail. I've only had yumas do this, but if i want to propagate my rics i just cut the foot.

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