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Wanna swap?


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I just fragged some zoo's and would be interested in trading them for some other softie or lps frags if anyone wants. They aren't huge frags, one is two polyps and one is three, but they look cool! I could probably make some bigger frags if I get any interest.

I would trade for almost anything you got.

attached is the picture of the mother colony.



EDIT: They both have 3 polyps :)


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Honestly, no, they aren't that blue. It's hard to get a good picture without going all fancy with the camera. I will pull my camera out and try to get some more "actual" pictures.

They have a blue-grey center, with a neon green mouth and pinkish tentacles.

I would love to trade for some of those orange ones on the bottom if you are still interested...

I won't be at the meeting this weekend, but I will be in Oregon City on Sunday, and could meet nearby there at around 4 or 5ish?

I'll get some pictures taken and post them soon...

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I have a frag of the orange ones already made just sitting in my tank. Its about 20 polyps. Those arent as spectacular as I had hoped, but if you want to make a descent sized frag Id give you the one I was talking about, or I could make you a smaller frag if you prefer. Just let me know.

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Ill trade ya that 20 polyp frag of my orange ones you liked for that large one you have if you want. I live like 10 minutes from town center so Id be able to meet you wherever.


I have a meeting at the union hall at 5pm today, so call me whenever. Ill PM you with my phone number.

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