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Aiptasia eating Berghia Nudibranchs for sale


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Hello reefers,

I have recently had a few people on my waistlist for Berghia cancel / need to hold off for a month / never responded. 

This means I have some nice and mature egg laying Berghia still available for pickup before going back in the long term breeding tank. It’s first to reach out for getting on the list for pickup. They’re all easy to get and ready to go and I provide the container for transport 👍🏽



2 berghia - $40 ($20 each)

4 berghia - $60 ($15 each)

6 berghia - $80 ($13.33 each)

8 berghia - $100 ($12.5 each)


Location: Vancouver WA just of I5 and 500. 

If interested shoot a DM on here or text (206)930-9952 and let me know your name (and username on here if texting) and how many berghies you want. 


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Update: I’ve had a few more reefers come out and come grab some bigger orders of berghies but the hatch from a month back are starting to grow come out with a good number of them already laying eggs. 

I can still take another 2 to 3 reefers for this hatch unless they’re all max size orders. But I expect to have plenty more stock to fulfill orders here in the upcoming few weeks. 

If interested shoot me a DM or text with your details and order size and we can work out a time to have you over for a pickup. I do also sell corals at more reasonable rates if you see anything you like while you’re out here in the fish room. 

***for fun: I was able to find a few of my XXL breeders that I’ve had for 6+ months the other night. I will attach a picture for people to see with my finger and an MP10 as reference. Always fun to see these buggers when they get mature adult size



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