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Ball Valve/Gate Valve


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Well am puting together a 30 cube and plumbed it with a differant type of overflow (same one Disturbed Reefer used on his cubes) Well problem is the gurgling sucks so either I need a bigger pump or put a gate valve or ball valve on the return. Is this wise? I do not have any other way to drain it so if the valve plugs up I gues I am sol and water gets on the floor. Anyway give me all your suggestions.


Thanks! Scott

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Yes it is kind of like an external Durso and it still gurgles a little. I just want it silent or really close to it. As for the hole needing to be bigger that is my next move. I was messing around with it last night but it was late so just got home and will see what I can do.

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I put a ball valve on everything at both ends. I can turn off or on any drain, pump, intake, you name it, it can be adjusted, usually from more then one place. The ball vlave on my external duroso's have come in handy a couple of times, making the $6 worth it to me.


To quiet my external duroso's I drill a hole in the cap large enough for a piece of airline to fit through, then put in a piece of airline. I put one of those airline valve thing's on the end sticking up in the air out of the pipe. You know those little green thingy's you always wondered what to do with.


By having the valve there I can make the "hole" bigger or smaller with a little turn. Helpful when changing out pumps I have discovered, no need to redrill or putty up.




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I also have wondered about if, and how I should plumb my 90 GAL. I am just currently using a flex hose from my overflow to my skimmer sumpand a 5/8 water line from my return to my tank.


I am doing this just to test everything out prior to using PVC and glue. I am able to find the max flow rate of my plumbing and copy it with 1" PVC and ball valves. I have come up with a neat idea that is working for me currently in the plumbing area right now, and I will share it in photowhen it is finished, and I can figure out how to get my photos to turn out better.





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