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WTS: 20g AIO turn key - New Pics! Lower Price! $400 obo


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Hello friends,

I am at a point where I am having to exit hobby and have a sweet turn key setup for anyone who is interested.

This is a 20g Fiji cube aio measuring 15x24x13, and has live sand about 15 lbs or so of rock and several corals plus anemones.

Stocking includes:

-Bonded clownfish pair

-Micro filefish

-possum wrasse

-skunk shrimp

In addition it comes with an auto top off. Controlled heater, hyger wavemaker, protein skimmer, and strong light that has no problem with sps.

I am including all of my Hanna testers, refractometer, and chems/food.

I can even negotiate on the stand that holds it.

Asking $600  $400 obo

(Probably 1k into it with livestock)





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I only have aiptasia, no red bugs/flatworms or anything else. Funny enough this guy doesn't do his job and feeds on the meaty chunks I throw in the tank. With such a personality and him at full size he is hilarious to keep around.

There is also a small peppermint shrimp that lives in the tank I see occasionally eating the aiptasia at night. Anyone is welcome to stop by and see it running before making any decisions :)

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