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Albany/Corvallis/Salem Areas Meet And Greet Location


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You are invited to attend the first of many "Meet And Greet" get togethers on Sunday Feb 10th @ 11:00 AM At


Elmers Resturant

2802 Santiam Hwy SE

Albany, Oregon


Come and meet members from your area that you have not met yet, and have brunch together. We are planning to two be there for a block of about two hours time.


I hope to see you there.



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RSVP's For Albany/Corvallis/Salem/Surrounding Areas


Yes, I am very surprised that I have received 6-8 comfirmed RSVP replies. I will name a few of they, 180Brandy and 180Bob from Corvallis, as well as a Salem and an Albany member. The two 180's RSVP'ed as 3 attending.


I am thinking that the number will be a small as 4 and as many as 6-8 for this time. I have also invited FISHYMAN of Albany's Amazing Aquarium, I have not gotten as RSVP as of yet.


I hope that you will attend, I assure you that you will not be alone, and the drive will not be a waste. I am new to this hobby and I don't want to feel as I am in it alone in my area, as I will only plan to drive to Portland 2 or 3 times a year.


So I have taken it upon myself to try an start local "Meet And Greet". I am willing to have it hosted in Albany, Corvallis, Salem from time to time. I am just willing to start by "Hosting" the first one.


The next "Meet And Greet" can be is Salem, or Corvallis. I just am looking to get a group together that can meet once a month or so and have someone local to have an interest with, share in a hobby together, or do a group project.


Hope to see you there,



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Hi, Jay


I was very happy that I even had anyone show-up, it was small , but very nice as a newbie to get any interest or support for my idea. Well, it was fjdog, both 180's Bob and Brandy and myself. I was unsure how many would show, but brunch by the fire was nice, and the food and company was fun.


I am planning another "Meet And Greet" really soon. A more family friendly location may be my next idea, one where members with children of any age will be able to attend. One of my other problems was time of day, and the work shifts to juggle. These are both issues that I knew that I would have a problem with. That is why this next one will be late afternoon/early evening. I will plan it for a Sunday afternoon, and do a location that I can get a larger box of time at with a kids indoor play area. I would like for you to be able to attend the next one if that is possible. I will plan it and post it well in advance. I noticed that adult beverages are a big hit with some members. So I am looking into a really big pizza parlor with an indoor play room. it has a big gas fire place, the best pizza, salad bar, and great cold beer and wine for those looking for that.


I am planning to be at the meeting at Jasons on Sunday to meet more members from around different areas. And I am hoping to get a larger turn-out the next time.


Thanks for your time, and interest in what I have tried to do in my local area to become involved.



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