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skimmer going crazy...


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So the past few days, my protein skimmer has been going crazy and bubbling over the top, leaving a constant flow out of the cup. The runoff is not all that dirty, and I have had this skimmer up and running great for quite a while now. I finally turned it off, after my sump had 5 gallons drained out of it (in a matter of about 2 hours). Why is it doing this, and how can I fix it? My skimmer is a Top Fathom Tf110a. I have not made any changes to the tank outside of adding water every night (which I did before with no problems) and switched to halides (which I think would not create any problems). Any ideas of what to do??

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If there was any soap on your hands when you put them into the tank it would do this.


Any new plastic pipe may do this (chemicals that are getting washed away from the pipe).


??? I just have a cheap-o Coralife skimmer, and it works OK most of the time, but it has also been known to fill up and overflow, or the other end of the spectrum, not produce anything for days... These fits are fewer now that it is 6 months old, but they still happen every now and then.



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There are no flow adjustments on the skimmer itself...

I think I may have figured out the problem, I added some "RedSlime Control" for the first time a few days ago, and have not done a water change yetDOH! I completely forgot I added it, and as of tomorrow (when I have enough R.O.) I will do a 25% water change and try to turn the skimmer on again. I think the medication is the only thing that would be throwing off my skimmer, seeing as I did not wash my hands any time prior to touching anything, and I have not added any new piping whatsoever in the past 2+ months, just messed with lighting. I also checked the air tube and put a few drops of fresh water down it just in case there was some salt buildup, but I strongly believe it is the medication. Thanks for all the help guys, I will let ya know if it is still acting up after the 25% water change.

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FYI...Add some carbon(in a bag) to the sump as well...You'll have to do that to remove the Red Slime control. If you don't, the slime could come back and come back stronger. The slime is a bacteria and the chemical you put in knocks it back a bit.... now.. the slime could come back and if the chemical is still present in your system...the bactria builds a imune system to the Red Slime control. Try to defeat the Red Slime with out useing that stuff. Try useing more current and lower yoour nutreint level by cutting your feeding back and more water changes....It's a slower process but the results are better. Hope that all made sense.(scratch)

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