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metal halide question....

mister crabs

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I have a 175w PFO halide pendant with 2x28w PC's. I am going to replace the PC's with actinics and get a new halide bulb. Question is which one should i get? I like alot of blue but want good growth as well. I was thinking about the hamilton 14k or possibly another 20k XM. (which is in there now.)


Its a mogul base if that matters.


One more question.....If I decide i want to upgrade my bulb to a 250w do i just need a new bulb and ballast or a new socket as well? I want to get a 60 acrylic cube and want to up my wattage. thanks for your help as usual guys!!

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OK so the LFS told me if i was going to have taht much true 03 actinic that I might want to use a XM 10k bulb. they said its yellow but has HUGE growth rates and that the actinic will blue up the color to the eye. anyone using these bulbs? Im going to order today when i get home from work so all help is appreciated. thanks!

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I was using them and I did get good growth but I found them too yellow, even supplemented with 2x VHO actinics. I've since switched to Reeflux 12K and I'm much happier with their color, though I still run the actinics. Coral growth is decent under them too, even though their PAR rating is far lower than the XM10K bulbs.


I'm running 2x 250W SE on an M58 (magnetic) ballast, over an 18" deep tank.

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