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Horay for the ....


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Yes since the Giants beet the Packers(flame) I was rooting for the NFC team so glad to see they pulled it out. If they would have lost I would have been one pissed of defensive coach. The defense played a great 3 quarters then laxed a little in the 4th but hey no one is perfect. Hell the offense only had a good opening drive then the 4th quarter.


As for the adds a few good ones I liked the tire company with the animals screaming. Also like the add with Shaq in it as a jockey.

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Was tough for me to pick a team. I don't like Eli, but i didn't really want the Pats to go undefeated. I ended up rooting for the Pats. Great defense by the Giants. Those dlinemen are good! I give them props. Was a pretty boring game until the 4th, and the ads were a let down.

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