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Skimmer selection questions


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I am shopping for a new skimmer. I have a 55 with a 7 gal refugium and will be building a new sump to fit the skimmer. My problem is hieght The door openings in my cabinet are 22".


I am looking at the following because of hieght and recomendations I have seen in other threads here.


ASM G-1 19"

ASM G-2 21.25"

Euro-Reef RS100 20"

Octopus 150 nonRC 22"


Any comments on these, or suggestions on a good quality, moderately priced ($200-300) dollar area, short stature skimmer are appreciated.


I believe the ER and Oct collection cups have a zero height removal? I can't find much on the ASM, can anyone that uses them help me out here?

Thanks, Tom

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