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Black Spot Disease


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Well, here I am again in the dreaded EMERGENCY FORUM...today I noticed what seems to be Black Spot Disease (Black Ich). Everything I have read suggests the same old "freshwater dip, quarantine tank for 2-3 weeks etc etc." That is virtually impossible right now. Only my 2 tangs have come down with it (yellow tang, and sailfin tang) and getting them out of all my rock would be next to impossible. Is there any suggestions on what to do short of medicating the whole tank? (college + reef tank = not much money!!) I am going to give garlic a shot this evening, but has anyone else had success with anything (hopefully relatively cheap)?

Any help would be...well...helpful

Thanks guys!

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I have a pretty hearty cleanup crew, including plenty of snails/hermits, but a cleaner shrimp might just do the trick! Thanks, hopefully I will be getting one soon!


Garlic seems to clear up the spots quite well, but a good cleaner shrimp would be a nice addition!

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