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Bonded clowns for sale


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Either Tomato or Cinamon (or one of each) clowns. Bonded pair, laid eggs for the people I got them from, tried laying eggs in my tank but they got eaten by other tank mates. Need a seperate tank from everyone else or someone who is into raising these guys. Good healthy eaters! I'll even toss in the Long tentacle anemone that they have right now. No idea what they are worth, will be doing a little reasearch on that hopefully... Make offer I can't refuse, I'm trying to save for a wedding LOL


(scary) seriously though, serious offers only please.

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Talked to a couple pet stores... not sure I agree with them. I was told they'd be worth $300-$350 for a bonded pair that's laying eggs. Personally I think that is a bit high so I'm asking $150 OBO for them, they will come with a LT anemone they've taken too as well. Female is 4-5" and very cool to watch, she will actually feed the anemone if you drop silver sides into the tank. Male is around 2" and has wonderful color on him. E-mail with any questions you may have. I need to sell these guys so we can get our daughter her sea-horses that she wants. Please serious inquiries only, I"ve had 2 people contact me only to drop off of the face of the web w/o even saying they don't want them. I'll be happy to answer any questions that I can with them. MAYBE interested in trading.

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