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I have a 48 gallon tank with a 3" picasso trigger and a 4" lunare wrasse. Lots of live rock with ample hiding places and I want to put my Valentini puffer in this tank when the 1 month quarantine is up. This Valentini is about 1 1/4". I have a cage made of plastic egg crate grille that I plan to put in the tank with said Valentini inside, so everyone can get used to each other, and I can be sure the puffer gets it's fair share of food and is not bullied. Being puffers have toxic skin, am I correct to believe the two big fish will leave it alone? I would appreciate any input or experience you have. Thanks. Gary.

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The Valentini will eat any snails and hermits you might have. I assume this is a fish only tank?? If so i think your plan will be fine. I've kept a Valentini with a niger triger with no problems before. I can't comment on the wrasse though, but i think you will be fine.


Good luck! How about some pics ;)

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Do a little more research and make sure you know whats going to happen. Huma(picasso) should be kept in atleast a 90g, they like swimming room, they are agressive and in that small of a tank those others will be killed off when he gets a little bigger. The wrasse should also be in a 90g, considering Max. Size In Aquarium: Up to 10". Humas are slow growers so you have some time to upgrade. Best of luck!

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