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dead crab and fine air bubble


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I just found one my emerald crab dead. Not sure why? Does anyone know if the water condition or what other factor causing its death?


My return flow to the tank pumps out very fine bubbles, making the water to look slightly hazy. Does anyone know why this occurs? Is it a air leak in the hose system?(scratch)

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Air could be seeping in from somewhere in the line unless it is new. New plumbing usually has a few air bubbles that need to work their way out in time. About the emerald crab, the same applies to it as does all inverts. Good water conditions are a must. This means very low ammonia and low nitrate levels. I dont think slightly oxygenated water would kill an emerald crab. Hope that helps.

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Emeralds can be weird I have had one die and the others just keep on moving around the tank. I used to have a few in my 90 one did die but not sure why. The others are still alive and doing great.


As for the bubbles maybe there is a small hole in one of the lines. Bubbles in the system means there is air getting in there somewhere. Just need to find out where they are coming from.

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