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Newbie in Beaverton, still on the fence!


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Hey all, been obsessed with researching reefs recently but haven't pulled the trigger yet.

I've been watching a bunch of videos and reading a ton of build threads. Never had any type of fish tank before but I'm considering something between 75g and 100g to start with.

Corals have definitely been my main focus so fare because I love the look of Chalices, Acans, Acroporas and Torches.

Anyone else in the Beaverton area want to hang out over coffee or beers and let me pick their brain about reefs?

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Hey.!. I’m also new to the hobby but welcome.!. It’s been a great 4 months for me… started on April fools… lol

From my experience, the cycling process went fairly smooth… I went to it not knowing a thing but I tested like crazy, sometimes twice a day for my 20 gallon and when levels of ammonia and nitrite got too high, perform small water changes…

after about 3 weeks maybe less, I added my first zoas… they have all done great… just yesterday, I added my first acro… we’ll see how it does…

You can definitely do it, and the more you learn beforehand the better you’ll be…

don’t add too fast and quarantine if you can…

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